The late Mi’kmaw media artist Mike MacDonald planted over 23 pollinator and medicine gardens across Canada between 1995 to 2003. These garden artworks range as far west as the Musqueam/ Squamish/ Tsleil-Waututh territories in BC to Unama’ki, NS on the east coast. In these last four years, Finding Flowers has been revisiting, studying, replanting and tending these gardens, while learning from Mike’s attention to the profound relations that are sustained by them.

Butterfly and Medicine Garden
at Woodland Cultural Centre

Replanted in 2019 by Finding Flowers
Original garden planted by Mike MacDonald in 1997
When we launched Finding Flowers in 2019, the only Mike MacDonald’s Butterfly and Medicine Garden we knew was still flourishing on the land, was located at the Walter Phillips Gallery in Banff, AB. This garden has been a place to remember and reflect on Mike’s practice, and a source of inspiration for our work.

Butterfly and Medicine Garden
at Banff Centre for the Arts

Visited and tended in 2019 by Finding Flowers
Original garden planted by Mike MacDonald in 1997
Finding Flowers has been replanting, revitalizing and learning from MacDonald’s garden work, while supporting the growth of new Indigenous plant and pollinator gardens at various locations across the land known as Canada.

Learn more about the flourishing gardens planted by Mike MacDonald and the new growth sown by Finding Flowers by navigating through the map below.

Finding Flowers is supported by the Faculty of Environmental and Urban Change at York University,
the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council,
and the Government of Canada’s New Frontiers in Research Fund [NFRFE - 2018 - 00485]